Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The differences between the Kingdom of Light and Darkness

Recently I have been mediating on the differences between God's kingdom and the the way of the world system.  God's kingdom is based on faith and obedience to Him and His word.  The kingdom of the world system is based on what one can do for one's self.  The world system wants you to trust in the power of human knowledge.  God's kingdom wants you to trust in the revelation that God supplies to those who chose to follow Him.  The revelation that God gives comes from His word.  If you want to know what God's word is saying then spend time with Him and His word.  The reason that America has come under a cover of darkness morally and socially is based on the fact that America has been corrupted by those who walk in darkness and trust in the power of man.  The Bible declares that their is a way that seems right to a man but its end leads to death.  America needs to repent and turn back toward the ways of God or our nation will only continue to deteriorate.

It is time to shrug off the power of darkness, forget the ways of man and pursue the ways of God.  Every person is faced with a choice.  If no choice is made you belong to the kingdom of darkness.  The only way a person or America can change in this hour is when a choice is made to serve the Lord of Heaven.  It is time to seek the Lord and get the revelation that this land needs.  Light and darkness can not dwell in the same place.  As we seek the light of the Lord the darkness will be driven out and hope for individuals and the nation will be restored.  Let us choose God and the way of light!  Are you ready to join me and become a light in the world?

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